Name: Metcalf State Bank 75th St. Branch
Architect: Neal Hansen and Associates
Year Designed: 1969
Builder: Unknown
Year Completed: circa 1970
Size: Unknown
Location: 7200 West 75th Street, Overland Park, KS
Type: Banking
Style: Modern
Status: Good
Photographed By: Bob Greenspan

The building's three sided plan was a response to it's triangular site. The Bank features a walk-in customer service area with teller positions across the back half of the main space. Hanging lamps and a light grid over the counter provide illumination to supplement the ample natural light from the window walls. The three corner “cylinders” housed the vault, conference room and circular stairs to the lower level offices. A sweeping roof for the drive-in was a distinctive feature along with the design integrated signage.  “The building was very ‘user friendly’ with close parking and easy access. The drive-up featured ‘state of the art’ vacuum tubes to make banking quick and convenient for customers” said Vicki Fisher, an employee since 1974.  Later, ATM’s were added. Presently not used as a banking facility, the building is still owned by the bank.