Spring Modern Martini Event- Gould Residence

The Spring Martini Modern Event was a wonderful Sunday afternoon party...the weather was fair, the food was good with smooth martinis and most of all, wonderful hosts and great people in attendance. Over 50 people came to enjoy touring this unique house on a gray day just after a snowstorm, quite a testimonial for the interest people have in modern design and lifestyles.

Below: Bob and Karen Gould explaining some of the many ideas and concepts used in the house.

Once we acknowledged our hosts and the crowd moved toward the dining area to hear Bob and Karen speak, I couldn't get very good photos of them.

Everyone had a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing old friends, I know I did! Please make sure we have your email address by going to www.KCModern.com and contacting us so we can notify you of future events. We plan on another Martini Modern in the next few months and look forward to seeing you there.