Welcome to the New KCMODERN Blog

As we approach the beginning of our fourth year, KCMODERN has been contemplating how to best grow our web presence and reach new members. After three years of the painful and expensive task of updating and upgrading the present website, we have decided to move our efforts to a new KCMODERN blog format. The old site will remain, but will be supplemented by the new blog.

We hope this move will make KCMODERN’s web presence a more frequently updated and dynamic experience for our readers. It will allow us to keep members informed of upcoming events, add new information about great Modern architecture in our area and allow us to do some new things. Please watch for new regular features like the Modern Photo of the Week, Modern House Photo Tours and Modern Roadtrips.

Please add us to your blog roll, subscribe to our RSS feed, leave comments and by all means, check with us frequently. The blog will be our primary way of posting KCMODERN news and upcoming events from this point on. And if you are feeling really ambitious, submit your own article related to Modern architecture and design for us to post.

Also, please make sure we have your current email address so that we can reach you about events between blog visits.

Your KCMODERN founders Robert, Scott and Bob at the top of the Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma