KCMODERN Loves Mad Men

Just in case you have been too busy working on your Modern house to watch TV, we thought that we should tell you about one of the hippest and cool shows on TV. The second season of AMC's Mad Men features some of the best Mid-century Modern goodness that we have seen on the little screen (although our little screen ain't so small anymore).

The first season of Mad Men was set in the 1960 world of a Madison Avenue Advertising Agency. Season two has fast forwarded to 1962 and has extended its luscious set dressing beyond New York to locations such as Palm Springs. While it took me a few episodes at the beginning of season one to warm up to the characters and the story line, the sets and the fashions are what kept me coming back every week.

The show has not escaped acclaim outside the world of mid-century modern lovers either, with its 6 Emmys, including outstanding drama series for season one. If you missed season one it is available on DVD.

The season two premiere episode is available online for free here.