Modern Photo of the Week - Dodge House

Name: Dodge House
Architect: Irving Gill
Year Designed: 1916
Builder: Unknown
Year Built: 1916
Size: Unknown
Location: Kings Road, West Hollywood, California
Type: Residential
Style: Modern
Status: DEMOLISHED, 1970
Photographer: Unknown

I conclude my photo homage to the The Best Houses of All Time in L.A., with house number 9, The Dodge House by Irving Gill. The Dodge House is the only house on the list to be demolished, and while this is a tragic loss in itself, I think that overall, the fact that this is the only house on the list that has been demolished, says a lot about the state of preservation in California. They have embraced the heritage of their Modern Architecture. We could learn a lot from groups like the LA Conservancy and their Modern Committee (ModCom). One of my New Years Resolutions is for KCMODERN to become more active in the Kansas City preservation community.

There has been quite a conversation over at Lotta Living about what was the first "Modern" house and whether the Dodge House was a "Modern" house at all... I say yes... What do you think?