Modern Houses of the World by Sherban Cantacuzino - Modern Illustration

I just love this Mid-Century Modern illustration. Apparently many other people do too. It is the second most viewed image in my Flickr photostream. The image depicts the Milam Residence at Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, Florida by Architect, Paul Rudolph. The house was designed in 1959 and built in 1960-61 when Paul Rudolph was part of the Sarasota School of Architecture. Later Rudolph would become the Dean of the Yale School of Architecture. The image is an abstracted brutalist elevation which has been used as cover art for the book, Modern Houses of the World by Sherban Cantacuzino. It is a great little paperback that shows many mid-century modern houses throughout the world.

Click here to see a photo of the actual house and here to see a rendering by the architect.