Modern Photo of the Week - KG&E Building Wichita, Kansas

Name: KG&E Building, Kansas Gas and Electric Company
Year Designed: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Year Built: 1954
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Type: Office Building
Style: International Style
Status: Standing, but altered
Photographer: Howard Eastwood from

I do not know much about this building, but I cannot help thinking that the designer was well aware of the work of William Lescaze, the designer of the PSFS Building in Philadelphia, the first International Style skyscraper. I recall being amazed by the KG&E building as a child when going with my mother to a meeting in one of the conference rooms. She worked for another electric company as a home economist, teaching women how to cook on their new electric stoves. The thing that was the most memorable to me was the lighting fixtures and aluminum detailing in the lobby and on the exterior of the ground floor. I wonder if that is still there.