Eric Lloyd Wright to lecture about his grandfather, Frank Lloyd Wright in Wichita

Architect, Eric Lloyd Wright, The grandson of Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright and son of Los Angeles Architect, Lloyd Wright will be presenting a lecture at Wichita State University on May 8, 2010. An Open House Reception will follow at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Allen Lambe House.

Two special events:

Saturday, May 8, 2010 1:00 pm
Lecture: Eric Lloyd Wright
“Thoughts on My Grandfather”
Campus Activities Center Theater,
Wichita State University Campus
Admission to lecture is free.

Saturday, May 8, 2010 2:30 – 5:00 pm
Open House and Reception
with Eric Lloyd Wright
The Allen-Lambe House Museum
255 N. Roosevelt, Wichita, KS 67208
Refreshments on the terrace and
self-guided tours.
$25 general public and $20 admission for Allen-Lambe House and Ulrich Museum members.
Ticket price is a birthday gift for the 20th Anniversary and benefit for restoration of The Allen-Lambe House.

Advance reservations required by calling 316-706-9286;
Reservation deadline is Wednesday, May 5, 2010.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen-Lambe House in Miniature

Recently I took my family to Exploration Place, a children's science museum by Architect, Moshe Safdie in Wichita, Kansas. I was surprised to find a miniature of Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen-Lambe House in an exhibit called Kansas in Miniature. The model was part of a model train exhibit done in HO scale-1:87. It was nice to see this unexpected view of one of the last Prairies School Houses by the Master. The unusual (for FLW) courtyard plan may be more understandable in these birds eye views than it is in photos or from the street. This museum and the Allen-Lambe house might be of note to people taking the jaunt down to the Wichita portion of Out and About Wright: Kansas City Tour on Sunday April 19, 2009.

Foley Tractor, by Architect, W. I. Fisher, Wichita, Kansas - Then and Now

Here is a vintage photo of a landmark Wichita, Kansas business, Foley Tractor. Now known as Foley Equipment, the original building by Architect, W. I. Fisher, displayed that wonderful everyday modern commercial style that is disappearing so fast. This one is close to my heart because I rode by this one often when I was a kid. It was just down West Street from the Wichita John Deere dealer in a similar building that my dad visited frequently. I borrowed this estate sale photo from KCMODERN friend, Keith Wondra's Flickr site, kawwsu29. He was kind enough to let us use it.

THEN -- I love how the large expanses of glass act as a billboard for the sale of the Caterpillar industrial equipment displayed in the showroom. Can you imagine driving by at night when the brightly painted, industrial yellow equipment was lit up behind that glass? The neon Caterpillar sign over the exposed steel canopy at the entrance was a nice touch too!

NOW-- It appears that a 1970's brick redo was done to the glass parts of the facade. This was probably done because the large expanses of south and west facing glass caused the showroom space to overheat in the summer. You can see that the industrial steel window sash is still intact in the left background. This is probably a shop area and might be older than the vintage showroom.
INTERIOR -- The vintage interior was clean and modern too. I bet they no longer display Caterpillar equipment in there since the equipment has gotten much larger and it appears that the overhead door is no longer there. The business was already closed for the evening so I didn't get a new shot of the interior.

Modern Photo of the Week - Vintage Allen-Lambe House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Name: Allen-Lambe House
also known as the Henry J. Allen Residence
Allen was Governor of Kansas from 1919-1923 and a United States Senator from 1929-1930
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
Year Designed: 1915
Year Built: 1918
Location: 255 North Roosevelt,Wichita Kansas
Type: Residential
Style: Prairie Style (this is a very late FLW Prairie Style House)
Status: Excellent and open for tours by appointment
Photographer: Unknown

Henry J. Allen Residence, located at 255 North Roosevelt. This residence was designed by architect, Frank Lloyd Wright in the Prairie House style. It took two years to complete. Allen was Governor of Kansas from 1919-1923 and a United States Senator from 1929-1930

Modern Photo of the Week - KG&E Building Wichita, Kansas

Name: KG&E Building, Kansas Gas and Electric Company
Year Designed: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Year Built: 1954
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Type: Office Building
Style: International Style
Status: Standing, but altered
Photographer: Howard Eastwood from

I do not know much about this building, but I cannot help thinking that the designer was well aware of the work of William Lescaze, the designer of the PSFS Building in Philadelphia, the first International Style skyscraper. I recall being amazed by the KG&E building as a child when going with my mother to a meeting in one of the conference rooms. She worked for another electric company as a home economist, teaching women how to cook on their new electric stoves. The thing that was the most memorable to me was the lighting fixtures and aluminum detailing in the lobby and on the exterior of the ground floor. I wonder if that is still there.

A quick roadtrip to Wichita.

I had the chance to take a quick trip down to Wichita, Kansas this past weekend. While I was there I cruised around some MCM neighborhoods. There are some really great MCM homes around the Wichita State University campus and many of them are in great shape. Here are a few pics from my trip. Jerad