Bixby Residence Garden Facade - Bonus Modern Photo of the Week

Name: Walter Edwin Bixby, Sr. Residence
Architect: Edward W. Tanner
Landscape Architect: Hare and Hare
Interior Designer: Kem Weber
Year Designed: 1935
Builder: Unknown
Year Built: 1936-37
Size: Unknown
Location: State Line Road, Kansas City, MO
Type: Residential
Style: Moderne with International Style influences
Status: Exterior excellent; Interior altered
Photographer: Norman Hobart. Courtesy of Leon and Margaret Jacobs via The University Art Museum, University of California at Santa Barbara

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Since we have been covering the Bixby Residence here and here, I thought I would go ahead and add this vintage exterior photo of the rarely seen Garden Facade of the house. The cantilevered balcony on the right is much more visible from this view.