David Benton Runnells House Tour

We have had a few questions since starting the blog asking for information on the house pictured in the header of our blog. We have also been getting a lot of questions about when will we be having the next KCMODERN house tour. Well, we have decided to answer both questions at the same time. The house in the blog header is by Kansas City Architect, David B. Runnells. It is located in Leawood, Kansas (see the info below the photo for more details) and it will be one of the featured homes on the this years tour.

KCMODERN's David Benton Runnells House Tour will feature at least four other houses by the same architect. The date of the event is tentatively scheduled for September 20, 2009.

This years tour will be a little different because we will have multiple locations that will require some driving between house locations. There will be multiple houses to see at some of the locations.

As in years past, we are pursuing opportunities to have an evening festivity with spirits in a special house related to the tour theme. More on that later.

Look for us to start highlighting some work by David Benton Runnells on the blog in the coming weeks and months.
Name: Residence for G. Findlay Reed (original owner)
Architect: David Benton Runnells
Year Designed: 1950-1951
Builder: Donald Drummond
Year Built: 1951
Size: Unknown
Location: Leawood, Kansas (Kansas City)
Type: Residential
Style: Modern
Status: Excellent condition with some minor alterations including new sympathetic siding by present owner and a new kitchen by a previous owner.

This house was built with prefabricated panels that were manufactured in a millwork shop with windows pre-installed. The panels were then brought to the site and erected.