Carl Stenstrom- Architect A Private Residence

Located near Lake Quivira, this house sitting on twenty acres with a fabulous private lake has been under construction since 1985. Designed by our friend Carl and built by essentially one person it remains unfinished. With a gated entrance and a long winding drive to the house it is a special environment of organic architecture and nature. Unfortunately you can not see the beautiful pond which would be to the right and below the house.

Above is the car-court and front door to the left of the tree. These pics were taken some time ago. Below: is the perspective rendering by Carl of the rear of the house.

Carl was an avid Wrightian architect as revealed by the "rubblestone" walls, corner windows and use of a difficult site...

Below: Unfinished soffits cap the low-slung earth hugging design. Note the clean, well laid stone walls with the horizontal band eching Wright's Taliesin West Complex. This is a seating nook outside just beyond the entrance.

The metal scuppers add roofline drama to the deck off the kitchen and living room.
A treasure in the making and a ton of work for one man, it's a testament for the book "The Natural House" by Wright in the 1950's that advocated buying acreage or land and building one's own house, preferably designed by Wright himself.

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