Hello KCModernists! Time definitely flies. We haven't posted for some time but we hope to get back in the groove with more regular postings that I hope you will find fun and interesting. Ever since the Country Club Plaza preservation challege this past year, it's be difficult to find time to Git-R-Done. We had a good year this year though alittle more quiet due to no house tour. Our plans for the next few months going into 2012 are exciting. We have numerous events lining up nicely, in addition to house tours, Martini Moderns, etc. So keep an eye out for notices and/or invitations to some happenings.

On the local news last night was a very optimistic piece about King Louie West potentially converting to a "Suburban" Museum if the "deal" can be worked out. This would be the first in the nation to present the social discourse of suburbia. Salute and support goes out to the Johnson County Museum for this challenge. (For more info check out the label Manuel Morris, architect of King Louie West)

My family moved this year from our wonderful Bob Wendt designed house in Prairie Village, KS to a new MCM house by Milburn Country Club. I'll get a post out with some pictures as soon as we get the scanner up and going!